Grace – 2013 wall


Grace has long time been a theme for me, since I have great interest for spirituality, chakras, the divine, the all-pervading power and therefor this word, can be interpreted in many ways. It can be the the Grace of God, the Holy Grace, the amazing Grace, as in the song and other ways.


As always, I might say, the letters are very loose abstractions of the actual letterform. A “G” can hardly be seen, whereas the A has the center of attention, and the C and E have dissolved into cubes and spheres and lines.


I have sought to improve the outlines, trying the supersharpshooter from Ironlak. and also using the ironlak paint. This time was inspired by the technique used by Storm_HA and Dais, where a ruler or a piece of wood, was used to make the straight lines and loooong diagonal lines, of which I have struggled to master.
With the tool it makes it more easy (naaaah, not easy) but less hard work to pull it off to the level of satisfaction.




Once again, I dived into using too many colours, have to take action from the advice from my daughter, but theres potential in it and if only.. I could have patience enough with myself to use few colours and use the effects, or the spontaneous magical moments, then I would be halfway.



Lets see if theres another wall coming up in this season. Hope for a massive get-down with graf hedz, but time will tell (kalateet)


Click the picture below for a bigger version:



Sofira – 2013 wall


Finally it was time for nice collab prod, and the action took part at sunny, hot day. Spend a few good hours lining up the work, and was pretty much freestylin´ from the basis of the sketch.

This is for my lovely, wonderful, loving daughter and was combination of her first and middle name.


This time I tried new out new paint (ironlak) caps and kept a consistent colourscheme, added some “hairstyle”, which I havent been painting, only drawing. Making wall pieces are always challenging, since I always try to take one more step, with each piece, trying and learning new tehcniques or basic skills.

A big THANK you to Mikkel (NCWB), for the stunning 3D piece beside of mine as well as music during the day!  – Good looking out!
Watch this space for more joint ventures; combining the “flat 2d” with the 3d could surely be a great idea.

As you can see, the painting wasnt finished, (notice the NO PHOTO in the left hand corner.. I wonder about the need of painting with masks vs. the loss of ability to read – loss of braincells… but yes, I have to move on….).
I had hardly taken any photo, so less in 24 hours the piece was GONE.
Painting a legal place the hall of fame in copenhagen, denmark has its price.

Nonetheless I took some slow shutter pix, which I kinda like a bit… Maybe for  poster or a print?

I arrived the next day, wishing to putting final touches on the piece, brought paint and coverpaint, so I did a throw-up/piece for trying out new approaches for making pieces.

first up the collab:

click on the pic for a bigger view

the throw up:
click on the pic for a bigger view

And now for dream sequence of SOFIRA collab:
sofira_det4 sofira_det3

The picture below is part of the more dreamy sequence of the painting.
Theres more of those kinds of pictures here


Vidya – 2013 wall


Recently I wanted to go new directions with my spray painting. This time I started making a letter sketch, scanned it, and then played around with it in photoshop, incorporating some elements, that I like (tension, dynamism, negative space etc.)
Spent some time figuring out, how to make the wall and where and what colourscheme.
So I started making the lines on the wall (not using cover paint for the whole wall) and the started filling out the areas, where I wanted to have colour.
Needed to have a new method in order to achieve something else, something else that interested me and inspired me.

The bottom of piece was a bit difficult, since the wall was not straight, so the lines was extended “on the spot”.
I am kinda glad for it, but since I didnt got the idea to write “no-photo“, date or “not finished” on it, it was GONE 48 hrs. later and only got a few pics taken by my mobile!

vidya_det2 vidya_det1
I would have loved to have seen the the wall in sunlight.

It is the name of the game, so I have to move on and embrace the new challenge.
Click on the pics below for the full production


The picture is “work in progress” and I used the shopping cart to reach the height of the wall.



Ananya – 2013 wall


I have just returned from a trip to Ukraine, Kiev but didnt get the chance to paint. Before I left DK, copenhagen I did this piece where I tried to go all out, or all in… When I started coverpainting, some other writers stood beside me, and gave me their left over coverpaint.I have always been “in the moment”, so the directions in the piece changed and I used the coverpaint IN the piece.

My approach to write AN on the first line (top), then AN (space) and then finally YA in the end.
I wanted to get rid of the rules of what you can and can not do it graffiti, and be free from conventions and “…ohhh, you cant do that….”

Next time I am gonna write maybe ONE letter of the word.
To write ones name over and over again is not a path I have chosen.. I want to challenge my self and challenge my knowledge and playfulness of the letters (signifiers).

I wrote “ANANYA” means a (not) + anya (different). this word is found i Bhagavad Gita 8:14 and 12:6. It could be understood as there is no seperation or differentiation between one or another, hence the background paint becomes the foreground and the foreground is background. It should be collab, but I didnt had the chance to see the finished the wall piece, because of my travelplans.

But below are a few pics for remembering.. now its time to move on.

ananya_det ananya_det3 ananya_det2


Click the picture below for a bigger version.


where-were-here, graf-collab


Recently I have met a lot of writers, whom I would like to collaborate with and I feel so lucky and blessed to share my ideas with others.

This piece below was start of a collaboration, but unfortunately the coming autumn weather have stalled finishing up the production.

I decided to write “where“, meaning the triple connotation of “where, were and here”, and then make my last “E” merge into EAZE´s first E..

Once again I tiptoed into the creative pool and got soaked heavily. I tried out new techniques with more or less success, but got sooned than expected to a point where the darkness was slowly moving in on me. Started afternoon-ish lining up the piece, after the coverpainting and after effects had taken some effort. It was another 12 mtr. wall, so it took some time.

The day after was raining, but I finished the piece, and took the photos. After some time I tried new camera settings, so the “blurry” pictures came out, with rain drops as decoration. Definitely something that was inspiring..
Next piece is going to be more straight letters and maybe two colours for going into the next phase.

- click the pic above for a bigger version.

click the pic above for a bigger version.

Theres some pictures at my G+ account, check them out.

Thanks to Mads for encouragement and positive feedback, when this piece grew from my mind to my hand to the wall.

Bboy BBQ – Gnosis Piece


I got the chance of do a wall at the BBBOY BBQ event, going down at Mozarts Plads, Copenhagen.
It had all the 4 elements of hip hop culture: graffiti, mc´ing, dj´ing and danc´ing;-)

It was a last minute call for me, but had prepared a sorta sketch. Even though my sketch was on a vertical line, I should push out the letters for the typical way of doing pieces. It was Montana Gold, and we, as the writers, could have 30 cans of paint.. In my book, in my experience, thats like 3 whole pieces… but I had never painted with Montana before so for me and my style of doing walls, the paint was a bit too thin..

I started sketching up the piece. This time around almost making a proper sketch in one colour, before starting the filling part.
Hours passed, and I was working my way in and out of the letters. Keeping white negative spaces as a active colour, and keeping straight lines where they should be…

During the day, I barely left the wall, totally absorbed in it, only spending like 1 1/2 minute for a Kebab, but thank you ALL that came by, asked questions, gave feeback and encouragement, and nodded headz…., and props from SRG (ROME+WER) plus others.
My styles was/is different from what else was there, and some named it new-school, next-level, abstract, old-school, but personally I just ran out of time…and didnt do any filling or white lines. Some thought that it needed outline, others didnt, but I am satisfied that I didnt venture out into the “cannotgoback”-land, using BLACK to sharpen it up…Y´know what I mean

I finished my painting around 20-21 hours, 9 hours after the first dot of spray paint.
Met a lot of nice guys like Debs (Dr. D), Dixone + Mester from TPN crew, Name+Jies from 3DE production, Kets/Bomr/Kets?/FSC and Gore from Sweden and of course a bit shout to JuseOne for arranging this whole event and giving me the chance to rock a wall.

I am warming up for the next piece taking these days at Galore, where 2,20 x 5 mtrs, are mine to fill out. I am gonna write “husk at glemme” remember to forget, and make the two M´s like an open book, and a closed book. You will see the pictures later..
First the ones from saturdays event.

Also:  A lot asked: “what do you write?”, meaning what is my graf name, but I answered: “This time around I write GNOSIS, but I write different things everytime, and dont think too much about the value of a name. Thats just me I guess.
This piece have a minor g, right hand upper corner, an N down right corner, then O the yellow/pinkie part, and then an S (or several of them..) leading up to pyramid I, and the last S upper left corner.

In retrospect; also a shout out for AskewOne for subliminal inspiration.

I know that the picture above is only possible, if you tilt your head, but the colours look so much better this way.

click the image above for a larger version



I have done a new piece, which states: “inspire“. Its not a principal as such, but I rarely write my graf-name, I´d rather go for a word, and “inspire” was based upon a sketch.
Done at Sydhavnen, legal walls in Copenhagen, and the piece measured 4 mtrs. tall and 8 meters wide.
This time trying out the “astro cap”, blue skinnies, fades and wide streams.

I am getting ready for the next step and have bought calligraphy caps and softies, lets see how it goes, shaping up for the Bboybbq going down in august 2012

You can click on the image for see a bigger version of the “connector”.

Its my wifes sister, my lovely wife and our daughter, doing the scale-thing.

Print+annoncer: De Gule Sider – DGS.DK


Jeg har haft fornøjelsen af at arbejde hos De Gule Sider (DGS.DK) (april 2011 til januar 2012) og har produceret

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Desuden fik jeg også mulighed for at fremstille logoer og det kommer der bud på her:

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Gavekurve med lækkerier til jul

  • Økologiske vine fra Vin Styriek
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Etiopien – En typisk afrikansk kaffe, med frugtighed og friskhed, som smager rigtig lækkert. Det er en let kaffe, som smager af sommer (med lyse blomsternoter).

Honduras – En kaffe med en god dybde og intensitet, og som har kraft og smag. Den har en god fylde og er en kaffe som de fleste vil holde af (det sikre valg).

Nicaragua – Espresso – En god, mørk kaffe, som har espressoens fyldighed og varmer på en mørk vinteraften (med mørke chokoladeagtige noter)

Aarstidens Kaffe (Sumatra) – Dette er en lækker specialkaffe som skiller sig ud. Det er en frisk kaffe med meget mild syrlighed, som gør det til en helt særlig oplevelse. En rigtig spændende kaffe, og en kaffe som også en som deler vandene. God dybde og med en gennemgribende friskhed.

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Begravelsen – smukke blomster

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