Grace – 2013 wall


Grace has long time been a theme for me, since I have great interest for spirituality, chakras, the divine, the all-pervading power and therefor this word, can be interpreted in many ways. It can be the the Grace of God, the Holy Grace, the amazing Grace, as in the song and other ways. As always, I might say, the letters are very loose abstractions of the actual letterform. A “G” can hardly be seen, whereas the A has the center of attention, and the C and E have dissolved into cubes and spheres and lines. I have sought to improve the outlines, trying the supersharpshooter from Ironlak. and also using the ironlak paint. This time…


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Klangfarve 27/03-2013 Playlist


Heres the playlist for wednesdays show. Next time I am gonna broadcast is May 8th 2013. Themselves: Thisboutthecitytoo: album: Urban Renewal Program: label: NinjaTune/ChocolateIndustries: year: 2002. duration: 10.00 Shadowhuntaz: Power Divine: album: Corrupt Data: label: Skam/Coastal concepts: year: 2004. duration: 03.41 Brand Nubian: Wake up (Reprise in the Sunshine): album: One for all: label: Elektra: year: 1990. duration: 0520 Reso: Check 1, 2 (Starkey remix): album: Check 1,2: label: Civil Music / Forced Exposure: year: 2012. duration: 0422 Enduser: Void (Enduser+Apop edit): album: EE Compilation: label: Electronic Explorations: year: 2012. duration: 0515 Malou Mørkeberg: Dagen efter – Kvindernes Kampdag (soundcloud) duration: 0250 Bonobo feat. Grey Reverend: First Fire: album: The northern borders: label: Ninja Tune:…


KnowNow – 2013 wall


Yes, spring is on the horizon and this year is gonna be a blast. Had a weekend off and thought about a sketch. Asked my wife and daughter about advice of which sketch should be blown to pieces, and also listened to good advice from them. Had  a few ideas how to start out on the wall and work my way into the letters. Its very different compared to do the line-work on paper or canvasses, but have to trust that I CAN pull it off and keeping it close to my vision (the end result, imagined in my mind) My coverpaint was the same colour as the selected colourscheme, so why not maximize the…


Klangfarve 27/02-2013 Playlist


Heres the playlist from the wednesday edition of klangfarve. Music and talk and the rest is up to you: Boom Clap Bachelors: Love (Tuff City remix) Hercules and love affair: You belong Radioactiveman: Rowing against the tide (EE electronic explorations compilation) Long Arm: Sleep Key (Hidden Orchestra remix) album: The branches deluxe edition Apparat: Arcadia (Telefon tel Aviv remix) Album: Things to be frickled Gemmy: Badman, Lakota EP Vivek: Meditation Rock Ra:SKL: Time to die, YDMI (abducted records) XOB: Two step (Enchantments EP, SoundEsc release) Mark Shreeve: Legion Fever Ray: Its not done yet (segment) Running up that hill (Kate bush cover):  Ital Tek: yesterday tomorrow today Apparat: Austerlitz (Krieg und Frieden) RocketNumberNine-Four Tet: Metropolis…


Klangfarve interview special edition (13/2-2013)


Last edition of KLANGFARVE was an LIVE conversation with the urban artist Brandon Lewis, aka JUSEone, who came down and dropped the knowledge about the elements of hip hop culture, graffiti and the way music has inspired his artwork. If you ever were curious about the whole street art, graffiti, urban art scene, heres the lowdown from a person who have embodied the spirit of hip hop, being an organizer of events, gallery owner, educator and very active  urban artist. To give you the idea of the quality of work and the experience, heres some artworks: Music: John hughes: Reset the warehouse Music: Public Enemy: Night of the living baseheads (anti blood pressure encounter mixx)…